Recent News

Shrey Gupta advances to Ph.D. Candidacy!

May 2022. Shrey Gupta successfully presented his work titled "Boosting For Regression Transfer via Importance Sampling" for his qualifying exam and advances to candidacy.

Yanan Da advances to Ph.D. Candidacy!

April 2022. Yanan Da successfully presented her work titled "RUTABAGA: A Visual Analytic Approach for Bias Aware Graduate Admissions" for her qualifying exam and advances to candidacy.

3 Upcoming Papers @ VIS 2021

October 2021. Three papers to be presented at VIS 2021, including (1) a series of experiments on the effectiveness of interaction traces for mitigating bias (Left, Right, and Gender), (2) the expanded system from those experiments (Lumos), and (3) an interactive transformer-based literature review system (VitaLITy).

Recent Projects

Designing Bias Mitigation Interventions

In this work, we explore the ways in which the design of visualizations may be used to mitigate cognitive biases. We derive a design space comprised of 8 dimensions that can be manipulated to impact a user’s cognitive and analytic processes and describe them through an example hiring scenario. This design space can be used to guide and inform future vis systems that may integrate cognitive processes more closely. We subsequently implemented one intervention, interaction traces, in the Lumos system and conducted a series of experiments to test the effectiveness.

Transformer-Based Interactive Literature Review

We developed an interactive table-based visualization for searching academic literature using a transformer-based approach. The system, VitaLITy, has an initial set of 59k articles from popular visualization venues. The open-source code can be augmented to search literature from other academic sources as well. An alternative to keyword searches, find semantically similar documents by providing a set of initial seed papers or providing a working paper title and abstract to kickstart the literature review of a new project idea.


Emily Wall, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
visual analytics; decision making; cat lady; puzzle connoisseur;

Yanan Da

Ph.D. Candidate
3rd year PhD student; info vis; human bias; decision making; lego; puzzle; restaurants; workout;

Ziwei Dong

Ph.D. Student
data visualization; machine learning interpretability; board gamer; badminton fan;

Shiyao Li

Ph.D. Student
decision making; bias detection; Hearthstone; cat food researcher;

Shrey Gupta

Ph.D. Candidate
(co-advised by Avani Wildani)
data viz; decision making; transfer/meta-learning; amateur runner; self-proclaimed humorist;

Randy Truong

Undergraduate Student
interaction design; info vis; bridging subjectivity & objectivity; visual artist; friend;

Zhou (Serena) Fang

topic modeling visualizations for literature review
Now: M.S. Biomedical Informatics @ Harvard

Yiping (Jessie) Liang

Undergraduate Student
data visualization; design & psychology lover; super fan of massage; used to go to gym everyday;

Mengyu (Bonnie) Chen

Collaborator, M.S. Student
(Chongqing University)
visual analytics; human behavior; bookworm; dog person;